booing mooen ali

mooen was booed relentlessly by the pro-team-india crowd across english grounds.. what does this mean?

racism is part and parcel of english society??

asian community hurt by one among them playing for team-england??? if so, does that show asian community not patriotic to their land-of-birth???

land-of-birth should be inferior to land-of-cultural-roots ????

will asian community boo an asian playing soccer for team-england in presence of ‘supposedly’ far more rowdy english-soccer fans????

whole episode of booing is just ugly or this part of cricket culture????

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scottish independence

scottish independence is so near. at least according to the polls. will this make similar ‘movements’ across the globe? what will places like barcelona or quebec or kashmir or falklands or wales.. [list goes on.. ] take away from likely-scot success ???

i heard a lot of people saying.. man, this fracturing is so peaceful !! 

apart from few egg-throwing incidences and yes-no supporters damaging each other’s posters.. it’s peaceful enough.. 

lots of questions remain..

what will be scotland’s new currency? will independent scotland be able to become a viable economy? what about the uk debts? fiscal-union? independent currency? joining euro???

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