About me

Hi there

Im noo.., a 27-year-old, a digital native of earth. My days start with firing up my PC. I am a free-spirited, liberal, jovial guy. A firm atheist, but  believes in religious freedom. I am not very stubborn on religious matters or other personal choices of my fellow cousins.

I am a half-visionary as i constantly try to update with the brilliant minds on this beautiful planet from their articles and books. I am a half-tolerant, also for the above-said reason. I am not a hardcore pedant, but pottermaniac.

My introvert to extrovert ratio will be less than one, but it can definitely come above 1 at times. I constantly wrestles with religious ideas and doubts about some ancient practices in my society.

I think i am using this blog as a private and guarded thought for everyone to see and read. Because of my alternate view about life, i have an 1-2 % strained relationship with my  family on faith issues.

I am in my 20s, still  trying to settle on a career which i am finding it difficult with my restless and hungry mind constantly changing my dreams and i-want-to-be-that thoughts. I am a compulsive note taker and list maker.

To live, i look towards science for answers, meaning “looking and examining and then writing down what i see and then trying to make sense of it”.

I love to ask questions, taking notes, and is happy to have a questioning spirit. Genetically, i am blessed with Psoriasis, Asthma, and dust allergy [lol]

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