kerala’s sex crimes

Kerala state government is considering a total ban on mobile in the campuses of schools in the state. A recent incident of a suicide by 3 school-going teenage girls is the chief reason behind this latest move by the state government. Sexual abuse and blackmailing of the girls are allegedly the reason behind the suicide. Police are investigating the matter. Some teenage boys from the same school are currently considered as the “people of interests”.

Hearsay is that boys took nude picture/video of the girls and was using it to blackmail them for more sexual favors. Atleast one of the girl was allegedley in romantic relationship with a boy. The picture/video was taken during a recent school tour. Recently, there was a porno clip, allegedly of the girls, airwaving via bluetooth, but Police clarified that the subjects in the clips were not among the dead.

Incident took place some weeks ago, but Police investigation was going no where. Last week, one of the chief newspapers of Kerala, Kerala Kaumadi, ran an article featuring police negligence and allegedley alluding of Communist party [CPIM] behind the lacklustre performance of the Police. That article brought much needed public interest and dissemination towards this case. Feeling the pressure, Government headed by CPIM are now considering a total ban on the mobile usage within the school campus.

One really wonders what they are going to ban next. The chief culprit of the teenage suicide is considered to be the exam pressure. Will they ban exams ?

No one can blame government in these matters. Kerala is notorious for child abuse, sex crime, and other assaults against the women. Few years ago, such incidents could not attract the limelight of the news media, but with the advent of 24-hour news channels, almost every such incident is inflated into a big reality news show.

Who is the real culprit of such sexual crimes in Kerala ? Simple answer to that question is SEXUAL FRUSTRATION. Laws in the state do not allow unmarried men and women to have a sexual relationship. Infact Indian law is very restrictive on that. I think Kerala should relax its sexual laws. Also, it should look to introduce Live-In relationships. In a world where sex is still considered as a taboo, these innovations will be big of the nature of culture-morph.

Primary Solution: The chief catalyst of child abuse cases are the lack of knowledge. I think it is high time that state government introduce sexual information as part of the academics. More the information, better it will be for the child. It will also act as a good protective action against sex-related diseases like AIDS and HIV.

Whats the fuss: Why cant police put those students through polygraphic test ? That way iit will be easy for them to identify the culprits soon…wont they?

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One thought on “kerala’s sex crimes

  1. I agree with you. The rulers should relax the many restrictive laws while preparing for the initial anarchy.Later everything would calm down and crimes pertaining to abuse of women might come down considerably.

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